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March 10, 2017

Get hooked on The Goodwill Guides Bass Fishing Shootouts, featuring local organizations, competitive bass anglers and Veterans, this new series of bass tournaments on lake Lanier Georgia and a few surrounding lakes, will be filmed and televised on The Goodwill Guides You Tube channel. Featuring Live Score Tracker, an online leader board, a new exciting way of scoring the public has never seen!

SCORETRACKER LIVE™ is the newest way to score fish. A web-based mobile technology used to score fish like the Major League Fishing Pros on national TV. Formulated for local bass tournament groups like ours, it’s perfect and brings a whole new level of challenges and excitement to our organization, with the ease of smart phones and mobile devices


Watch Live updates on the leader board online. 

You can login an watch the SCORETRACKER LIVE™ active leader boards for tournaments currently going on. It cranks up the volume of intensity, challenge and thrills for other tournament anglers … and fans… as-it-happens. 

Become A Business Sponsor

Sponsorship will help support and generate interest in our mission and cause, which in turn will have a direct impact on our local community with an avenue to inform and educate our local Veterans. Building a strong relationship with Sponsors and supporters will cultivate a growing interest in our mission to help wounded Veterans get involved with the sport of fishing. Sponsors will be featured and highlighted on our show before thousands of followers, fans and viewers.
2015 Bass Team LR

Sponsorship levels are those that provide funding, services, and/or products that benefit the entire tournament series. In return, the sponsoring company receives the following:

Company logo on tournament website page. Logo on tournament shirts and awards billboard. Custom options are available for those looking to fund particular pieces of the tournament. Logo on tournament video series and advertisements, promotional videos associated with the tournament, and other media avenues.


Tournament Supporter $250

1) Company logo website Tournament Page

2) Announcement on Facebook as Tournament Sponsor


Team Sponsor $500

1) Company logo on website Tournament page as a Team Sponsor

2) Company logo on tournament shirtsleeve

3) Company logo on tournament video 3-seconds

4) Company logo on Tournament Banner

5) Announcement as a team sponsor on Facebook


Major Sponsor $1000

1) Company logo on website Tournament page

2) Company logo on Tournament shirt back

3) Company logo on tournament video (2) 3-second spots

4) Company logo on Tournament Banner

5) Announcement on Facebook as a Major Sponsor


Title Cup Sponsor $2,500

1) Company logo on website as The primary Title Cup Sponsor

2) Company logo on Tournament shirtfront as primary sponsor

3) Company logo on tournament video as primary sponsor

4) Company logo large on Tournament Banner as primary sponsor

5) Announcement on Facebook and all social media outlets as primary sponsor

6) Name and Logo on Tournament Cup



The Goodwill Guides host fishing tournaments for a great cause offering opportunities for our anglers to meet, compete and learn from other anglers.

Tournaments are a great way to help Veterans in our program learn about professional fishing techniques at an accelerated speed, a perfect opportunity to measure their skills against a variety of other talented anglers who share the same passion. We invite you to join us for a fun day and challenging events.

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