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The Goodwill Guides

We thank you for taking the time to read our sponsorship page. The Goodwill Guides small group of competitive anglers who compete in local, regional and national fishing tournaments. Our competitive anglers function through advertising sponsorship, contributions and tournament fundraisers.

Recruiting, competitions fees, gear, practice and travel, plus general expenses can add up quickly and anytime we can promote our program, the more social events we can attend and the better off our program can network and grow. Please consider advertising or donating, If you can help support our team of anglers to get out and spread the word. We extend this invitation to you personally, to partner with us to promote and market your company on our website, videos and other advertising opportunities to show your support.

 We can provide you a different marketing angle. Advertising in a manner that will put your company name and logo out there locally and nation wide as a supporter of our Road To Recovery Program. If your company has not thought about this unique approach of business marketing, it may benefit your company to take a closer look at our strategic plan, mission statement and cause.

Everyday companies are involving themselves with tournament angler marketing. Some of these companies have nothing to do with the fishing industry at all. Tournament angling sponsorship can make a lot of sense because many companies have not been introduced to this type of marketing before. With the growing popularity of The Goodwill Guides and competitive angling, many companies and small businesses are using tournament trails and its anglers, to help promote and market their products and services in a new and different kind of way. As a TEAM, The Goodwill Guides have prepared some excellent ideas to help promote and market your company in a positive way. If you are interested in exploring a new marketing approach, which we can offer, please feel free to contact us.