Power Boat Guide Program


Power Boat Guide Program

General instruction in lake fishing and boating safety techniques for a professional guide. Student will have classroom instruction and outdoor fishing and boating experience. Students will have extended opportunities to fishing both small and large lakes within the vicinity of the school location.


  1. Boating
  2. Rules of the road
  3. Navigation. markers, buoys, mooring, anchoring
  4. Environmental impact and Safety regulations
  5. Boat operation skills
  1. Freshwater fishing
  2. Species identification common fishing techniques
  3. Spin casting and bait casting
  4. Common Baits and Rigs
  5. Leader weight setup
  6. Attractors
  1. Techniques/Equipment
  2. Bait setup, bait walking
  3. Fish hooks and patterns, sizes
  4. Trolling, jigging
  5. Planers, kites
  6. Down riggers and outriggers
  1. Lures
  2. Spoons, spinner baits
  3. Plugs surface and sinking
  4. Jigs and their applications
  5. Sinkers and weights
  6. Line weight selection
  1. Live/imitation Baits
  2. Live bait types and rigging styles
  3. Artificial bait types and rigging styles
  4. Dead bait types and rigging styles
  5. Common dough baits
  1. Advanced course content
  2. Night fishing techniques and secrets
  3. Line knots and tying styles
  4. The impact of water temperature, clarity, oxygen and barometer pressure
  5. Seasonal and weather changes
  6. Fry to mature growth
  7. Electronic Fish Finder and other electronic fishing equipment
  8. Fish cleaning, storage and cooking prep.
  9. Stream, river and lake fishing