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Who we are?

The Goodwill Guides is a small group of professional fishing guides and competitive anglers who are educators and peer mentors dedicated to serving and educating wounded Veterans who suffer mainly from TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) and PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). We help introduce them into the world of professional fishing.


What we are?

The Goodwill Guides is a 501c3 Nonprofit organization under the International Fly Fishers Federation as a charter Chapter, who has developed a hands on “Recreational & Occupational fishing program designed to educate wounded Veterans about the endless possibilities in the professional fishing industry.

How we do it?

As guides we believe there’s something healing about being on the water fishing and helping others. It gives a sense of peace and a connection with nature and the outdoors, which can bring about physical, emotional and spiritual healing in a number of ways you have to experience to explain.

We developed a one on one fishing program that offers personal challenges designed to help wounded Veterans reach personal goals by offering different levels to advance.  The fastest way to learn about any kind of fishing is from anglers with experience and the best in the field, which is our reason and motivation behind The Goodwill Guides fishing programs to help introduce wounded Veterans and offer them opportunities to get involved with the exciting world of professional fishing as a means to help them transition back into the public and be more social.

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Our primary focus is helping introduce Veterans into the exciting world of guide fishing and tournament angling with a variety of task and challenges tailored to their specific needs and desire taught by experienced professionals in the field. The program has been designed to offer hands on experiences. We offer personalized one on one instruction and fishing excursions as a means to practice, encourage, mentor, educate wounded warriors to get out and fish with others who share the same passion.IMG_5693

Our program is based out of Frog Hollow and free of charge to wounded warriors who qualify under our program criteria. Our “Road To Recovery Program” is designed to educate in a way that they can help restore confidence in their ability to compete in the real world.



Our program is designed to support participants’ psychological rehabilitation by teaching them professional fishing techniques through mentoring, coaching, practicing and guidance into the exciting world of fishing at the highest level we can.

Our program allows participants a chance to explore the exciting world of professional fishing by assisting in job placement and tournaments. Our hands-on approach provides individualized training from basic to advanced fishing instruction for skill sets ranging from beginners to the more experienced. This approach ensures optimum support for each vet’s unique healing needs.


Our volunteer staff consists of an all-star cast of tournament anglers, pro guides and instructors in the fishing industry, all of who donate their time and expertise in support of our great cause.


The Goodwill Guides is 501c3, EIN #46_4982000 qualifies as a subordinate organization of the Federation of Fly Fishers Inc. included under the Federation’s 501(c)3 Group Exemption(GEN#9453).

We are actively seeking donations of both monetary and non-monetary materials to fund and support this program. Additionally, we are always looking to work with sponsor and supporters. If you are interested in contributing to our program, please contact us.

Donation and Fundraisers are for The Goodwill Guides program, instruction equipment, gear, meals, housing and transportation which are provided free of charge to participants in our program.


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The Goodwill Guide Peer Mentors

 The Goodwill Guides is a learn earn and reward peer mentoring program that teach wounded warriors by helping them develop one-on-one friendships with fellow anglers who share the same passion to fish at a professional level. Our qualified Peer Mentors are excellent resources, listeners, and fishing buddies, who motivate fellow anglers through real life fishing experiences.

Peer Mentors serve as role models, helping individuals learn and visualize how goals can be achieved through hard work and determination. In addition to our formal mentoring program, we offer opportunities and incentives for students and alumni to meet, support, and inspire more injured warriors to get out of the house and on the water.