Dear Friends of The Goodwill Guides

Our program has grown with Veterans and so does the expenses. We really could use and need your help to expand and fund our programs. We are doing our best to raise funds needed to help provide the wounded Veterans we serve the equipment and cost to operate.

We would also appreciate donation items such as fishing gear, art work, gift cards and certificates to give away to our participants as gifts and prize items


John Hollifield Bamboo Fly Rod Donation

The Goodwill Guides is a nonprofit organization dedicated to working with wounded warriors who suffer from the effects of War. The main reason for our success is the incredible support we have received from our volunteers, sponsors and supporters who have been behind us every step of the way. Thank You for believing in us, our cause and what we do.



We look forward to future and hearing from any potential artist, volunteers, sponsors and supporters.



The Goodwill Guides is 501c3, EIN #46_4982000 qualifies as a subordinate organization of the Federation of Fly Fishers Inc. included under the Federation’s 501(c)3 Group Exemption(GEN#9453).You may also donate by mail using a check or money order payable to

“The Goodwill Guides.” Please mail to: “The Goodwill Guides”, Inc P.O. Box 932 Dahlonega Ga, 30533 Along with contact information Name, phone number, mailing address and email.