The Goodwill Guides


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The Goodwill Guides is a volunteer group of professional fishing guides and competitive anglers who share the same passion, to become a better angler and to share our knowledge with others. We offer personal challenge programs designed to help wounded veterans learn about fishing at a professional level and incentives to help reach personal goals.

Our primary focus is teaching about professional guiding techniques, Offering fly tying, rod building, casting and hands on fishing experiences. We offer one on one personalized instruction and fishing excursions as a means to practice, encourage, mentor and educate.

Weekly practices are held every Monday at Frog Hollow Oct 1st – June 15th. The Fly Fishing Guide program is designed to educate in a way that they can help restore confidence in their ability to compete in the fishing industry on a professional level.

Our programs are designed to help support participants’ psychological rehabilitation by exposing them to professional fishing techniques through mentoring, coaching and guidance into the exciting world of guide fishing at it’s highest level.

Too our program allows participants a chance to explore the exciting world of competitive fishing by assisting in tournament rules, techniques. Our hands-on approach provides individualized training starting from basic to advanced fishing instruction for skill sets ranging from beginners to the more experienced.  Our approach ensures optimum support for each vet’s unique needs.

Our volunteer staff consists of an all-star cast of instructors, tournament anglers, professional hunting and fishing guides, fly tiers and rod builders all of who donate their time and expertise in support of this great cause.TA3_2328-Edit

The Goodwill Guides program is 100% dependent on gear donations and services. We are actively seeking donations of both monetary and non-monetary to help fund and support our program mission.  Additionally, we are always looking for pro guides and outfitters, property owners with water and people in the guide industry who believe in our cause, who would like to help the growth of our guide programs. If you are interested please feel free to contact

Executive Director Kenny Simmons kenny@thegoodwillguides.org or call: 706-244-4372

President Jimmy Phipps jimmyphipps2@gmail.com or call: (678)410-5083

The International Federation Of Fly Fishers qualifies The Goodwill Guides as a subordinate organization of the Federation of Fly Fishers Inc. included under the Federation’s 501(c)3 Group Exemption(Charter Club #99845).